Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Samuel and I suppose this is my participation in social media. Ok, let's call it just 'media' as I'm not that social after all. And what is 'media' indeed? My media is mostly the world out there. I socialize with my continuum of acts in it. What we do is what we are and all that. With the term 'we' I refer to us all – every creature, every plant, every stone, every drop of water and every molecule out there. We're systems inside systems and it's all glued together.

Anyway, I wouldn't call this place a 'homepage' as a 'page' has nothing to do with 'home' indeed. That also sounds bit outdated. I suppose my perception of 'home' is as well pretty different from the usual. So let's say this a place where something might happen.

I was built up from scratch by Tommi Musturi, a Finnish so called 'contemporary comic artist'. We live together in a sort of symbiosis. I pity the artist as of all the things in the world he seems to be fixated with me. He also tortures me.

Until now I've mostly existed in these so called 'books' that some people still use despite of their oldschool UI and physical form. People call this stuff 'comics'. It's a form of expression where the creator puts images next to each other with an aim to explain something that no written language is capable precisely present.

This digital place of mine was put together by Kieriö. Thanks for it as I'm not that technical oriented dude indeed. I can for sure make a fire or a riot and few other things too but sometimes you need a little bit help from your friends as well. It's good to have friends. It's good to have hobbies as well.

Anyway, welcome and bye. See you though I can't see you. See me then!

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PS. If you are a rich capitalist or just trying to get richer even though you already have all you need: just behave and check your principles! In other words all this stuff is © to the artist involved and the people like-minded.

PPS. Samuel's books have been published here and there by the following great people: A Bolha Editora, Aristas Martinez, Boing Being, Fantagraphics, Forlaens, La 5e Couche, Les Requins Marteaux, Lystring, MMMNNNRRRG, No Comprendo Press, Optimal Press and Reprodukt.


Single (not looking)
Unlimited lives, first seen B.C.
10 mm–200 m (0,40"–656 ft)
69 kg (152 lbs)
Special powers:
Kind, irrational, strong and weak at the same time
Sees beauty in everything
Random hippie's sperm (as presented in the book 'Simply Samuel')
Who can beat Samuel: