Mature Karate Kid : 20.11.2018

Will you make more books?

Samuel :

Dear Mature Kid, I very much like that you have kept your childish habits despite of your old age. That is truly a goal we all should set for ourselves. What comes to my so called 'books' I do not indeed do them all by myself. For that I have slaves among your race. The events in the books seem to be based on my life in the Universe. Some parts may be (just) slightly exaggerated - that's show business you know. As it seems I am still alive at least in the minds of my readers, I see no reason why there wouldn’t be a third book at some point. What will that be I do not know. I hope that Mr. Musturi can do his job better. I hope it will be an adventure for both you and me. I hope you all the best in your life.

Om-Pom : 16.02.2018

In which position the world shines its most brightest light?

Samuel :

What a nice question indeed! If we think about the world in general, it contains everything there is - even everything that's 'empty', 'dark' or 'meaningless'. Lets say you have all this stuff on a table - you look at it and even understand what you see. In this case it all makes perfect sense and the puzzle that you're looking at is perfect, every piece of it being evenly important. However, I can sense from your question that you're looking at the world from your own place on earth which may make it all bit more tricky. You may still try to think about the world around you as puzzle that you're part of. In this case the brightest light you will experience is equal to the darkest moments you may face. May you live happily live through your life!